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About Us

My Think is an organization which is determined to exhibit the importance of outdoor education and learning among school children. Through our activities, team building games and fun sessions we pose group and individual challenges in front of the participants which aim to stimulate them physically, mentally and socially. Our trained and much experienced team of instructors ensure the safety of the children and provides them proper assistance in conquering challenges, gaining confidence and learning life skills.

We all have had good and bad dreams in our lives. We tend to forget the bad ones and think only about the good dreams and move forward to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams.In this process of chasing our dreams many difficulties come along our way like decline in self-confidence, negative thoughts, difficulty in decision making, some decisions even lead us away from our dreams. When these negative thoughts get converted into positive ones we progress towards our dreams. My Think helps you gain the same positive thinking, confidence, trust and aim and use these to fulfill your dreams.